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Jul 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
family year, your brother? >> a journalist from cnn. so if you see someone that looks like the that's my younger brother. [laughter] as a kid we only had one parcel we would take my dad to put in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon. parked on 14th street i would look at the national press club and he would be there tied to the way i'm sure cigarette hanging out of his mouth and a bottle of whiskey as the secretary is banging away on a typewriter and loving every minute of it. >> [inaudible] what do you hope will you remember? >> and most people coming to tampa it's about that market. so many of you in the room have never been to tampa before so it is a mid-sized city hosting an event that the olympics will be the most television watched in the world. tampa is a place that what i hope people walk away with saying wow this is a city i didn't do anything about. i would like to potentially visit again the reader will be in the tampa bay times or you can purchase a baseball out of there that would go into the gulf of mexico. i think late august in a tampa everything feels sweaty. i d
Jul 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
toobin, legal analyst for cnn and "the new rker" will discuss his ok eoth ate e sue rt youik rven maatoooo gri ev r t itf sen he ae will keep you in touch on the upcoming book ramps. all of our book wraps here benefithe journalism inste,hich is whwe rerictouid ok co omboay haif hn'ne aly id taay [laughter] joining tim on the panel this evening is chip kohn cried, a proder, itor fmmaker ane end reer limchn er hki- on. s er received the first for the state award from the national press club and chip we are glad to have you back and n'wait so long to come bac ag xtchs d ns tiulr e-in reerwsci eit at "the washington post" and co-author of two books and author of a books including his most recent to be blished book, barack obama or anxtdd iel, e rrneent s ind author of nine books including his most recent mmer of 68 come the season with baseball and america changed fever. tot'thtiy fo psear toay efer ergran n nato cr. hentwere the tears researing this book and had unparalleled access to the papers and families of the five
Jul 23, 2012 11:00pm EDT
were opposed to the arabs bring a they have hijacked it is getting very involved with cnn and now hot they see the saudis trying to knock off the iranian ally with syria. why don't the americans understand this? it is not accurate but this how they view it. but in addition to foreign policy concerns is that syria was a domestic issue in russia there is a general sense the assad regime will fall that putin is better off backing assad to the bitter end even if he falls then to be seen as conceding to the americans and making russia look and feel week and being implicated from that negative change that occurs in assyria. russia has written off syria altogether. they are much happier that way than cooperating and looking week. if syria is a domestic issue for russia we think we know something about how domestic politics could affect foreign policy. it should not be a surprise they are affected with this as well. what does this mean? it is obvious. we often heard the administration will help us with serious -- syria. lebanon does not see it in their interest foreign policy zero or domestic
Jul 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
on i believe thursday afternoon. a colleague of mine from cnn coined the phrase that dr. no finally got a yes. he has, ron paul has been pushing the bill to audit the fed for quite some time, and it did pass the house by a fairly partisan vote. i don't know the exact numbers off the top of my head. his son, rand paul, the senator from kentucky, is pushing the bill in the senate, but as of now, it's sort of on an outlier issue for the senate and it's probably not going to receive a vote there nlings senator paul has been pretty tough in his fights so far so he may try to get a vote on it as an amendment to one the bills that they have to tackle in the next two to three months. >> host: from fox news, final vote was 327-98, and lost in the roifl risk factors was the -- rivalry was that eight democrats voted against it. >> guest: i stand corrected. that was a big win for dr. paul. it was, you know, probably one of his most important legislative victories so far. now, will it become law? probably not, but the issue about the fed, it's handling of -- its handling of the bailout, its role in
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4